Truett Area Crime Watch met on April 27, 2009 from 7:30 – 9pm at Truett Elementary, 1811 Gross Road, Dallas, Texas 75228.

Between 45 and 50 people attended the April TACW meeting.

The meeting was opened by Coordinator, Ellen Childress, with announcements regarding “meet the District 7 candidates” at Edna Rowe Elementary on April 28, 2009 and a request for letters to City Manager Mary Suhm regarding a timeline on completion of work on Ferguson Park, including the fence, the removal of the curb in the alley, the wiring of the spray park, the lockable restroom facility and the walking track.

Guests who were introduced included John J. Myer who is a candidate for City Council, Felix Saucedo who is our newly elected member of the Crime Watch Executive Board, Carolyn Davis, our current City Council Representative, Tiffany Nemec,  Principal of Truett Elementary, Mr. Arriola, Assistant Principal of Truett Elementary, and Kerry Goodwin, Weed and Seed Coordinator of the Ferguson Road Initiative.

Sr. Corporal Ron Carpenter, Dallas Police Department, then presented our crime statistics for the past month.  Theft of items from cars parked on the streets or in driveways has risen dramatically.  He offered tips on protecting our personal items that we sometimes forget to remove from our cars and other thoughts on safety now that we are nearing the summer season when teens are out of school and have little to do.

Gail Washington, Gang Intervention Specialist for the Ferguson Road Initiative, then talked to the group about the new graffiti we are seeing and what it might mean regarding a new gang. She discussed our shortage, city wide, of staff to remove graffiti from public property and also offered tips on going ahead and calling 9-1-1 if we feel suspicious or uncomfortable with any person (s) or activities we might see in our neighborhoods.

Deputy Chief Thomas Lawrence, Jr. was scheduled to be our special guest.  He did not come to the meeting and Corporal Carpenter was unable to locate him at any of the telephone numbers he had.  The following day, Corporal Carpenter telephoned Ellen Childress and said that Deputy Chief Lawrence had been ill.

We took a vote and agreed to meet again in June and break for the summer, returning to what will probably a meeting schedule at two-month intervals starting in September.

We also discussed putting together a group of people who don’t mind getting together once a month as a kind of advisory committee to help keep our group on track, offering suggestions for programs and activities, and act as group captains to get the news out to other residents when events occur that everyone needs to know now.

Other discussion followed about our new website, about donations for operating expenses, about Ferguson Park , about the crime watch signs for our streets.  Our City Council Representative, Carolyn Davis was present and offered some suggestions for increasing our communications to City Hall  and about the possibility of a lower price on the new crime watch signs.

Donations accepted came to $49.  Our funds cover copying costs for flyers, agenda sheets at each meeting, mailing costs in recruiting efforts within our crime watch area.  We will need to elect a short slate of officers, including a secretary/treasurer soon.  We are growing !